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Mini Multigen Goldendoodles

Meet Caramel (F1 25lb Goldendoodle) and Charlie (Multigen 30lb Goldendoodle)
and their litter of "Sweet Treats"!

This gorgeous litter is just perfection! Caramel gave birth to this lovely litter of 6 multigenerational goldendoodle puppies right on her due date! There are 3 males and 3 females!

Caramel is peppy, human focused, and such a snuggler! Charlie is such a chill dood, and is so friendly, and affectionate!  I cant wait to see how these puppies' temperaments turn out!

Born: April 22, 2022

Ready: June 18, 2022

Expected size: 20-35lbs adult size

Availability: There is ONE puppy available in this litter!

Caramel and Charlie - Mini Goldendoodle: Image


Straight Apricot Abstract Female

This sweet girl is the darkest colored pup in the litter! She just has white little toes like her daddy, and has a straight coat!

Peanut Brittle "Britt"

Wavy Apricot Parti Male

This sweet and petite boy has an adorable apricot mask and wavy hair!


Butterscotch "Scotty"

Wavy Cream Parti Male

This sweet plump boy has a half mask, and one white eye - but his ear is covered in color. He has a lovely wavy coat and is just so adorable!

Marshmallow "Marsha"

Straight Cream Abstract Female

Marsha is the biggest puppy in the litter! She has a lovely creamy straight coat!


Macaroom "Mac"

Curly Apricot Abstract Male

Mac is the only truly curly pup in the litter! He has an adorable litter blaze down his face and has a lovely light apricot coat!

Creme Brulee "Creme"

Wavy Cream Abstract Female

Creme is the smallest puppy in the litter! She is so dainty and petite, and has the most lovely creamy coat!

Caramel and Charlie - Mini Goldendoodle: Meet the Team


There is 1 spot available in this litter!

Selection is made in the order that deposits were received when puppies are 8 weeks old! Puppies will be temperament tested, vet checked, and ready to go!

1. Melanie D
2. Julie V
3. Larry J
4. Erin J
5. Dorothy W

Caramel and Charlie - Mini Goldendoodle: Text
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