Meet the Crew


The Ladies

All our girls live at home with our family or in guardian homes. They all love being mamas, and doing life with us! We love to take long walks (or runs) down our country road together, playing fetch in the yard, or playing with each other. They are all great with kids, and are wonderful, beautiful girls!



AKC European Import English Golden Retriever (55lbs)

Nessa is such a sweetheart. She gets along well with both dogs and people. She's a smart, sweet and playful girl who is eager to please, and loves to be petted. She is very gentle and tolerant, and loves to go on long walks with "the pack". :)


AKC Golden Retriever (70lbs)

Roxy is a sweet and loyal girl who loves to follow us around. She is so soft, and has such beautiful, soul-searching eyes! We are excited to see her medium/standard sized F1 goldendoodle puppies!



Medium Apricot/Cream Abstract F1 Goldendoodle (35lbs)

This pretty girl is from Nessa and Axel's first litter! She lives in a wonderful guardian home with some big humans and little humans. She is about 30lbs, and is expecting her first litter January 2022!


Medium Red/Black Sable F1bb Goldendoodle (40lbs)

This girl is an absolute joy, and she is such a velcro dog. So sweet, trainable, and just want to be with us and play. We are excited to add her to our program to start a line of unique-colored goldendoodles! She is about 45lbs, and her first litter will likely be born March 2022.



Mini Abstract Cream F1 Goldendoodle (25lbs)

This sweet pup lives in an awesome guardian home! She is from our litter with Tessa and Rocket, and is a mini Goldendoodle mama! She is exuberant, sweet, and loving, and loves to play and be with her people!


Medium Abstract Apricot F1 Goldendoodle (35lbs)

This gorgeous girl is living in a wonderful guardian home with 3 human siblings, and an adoring mom and dad! She is from Nessa and Axel's second litter. She loves to play with the kids, or find a cozy spot to take a nap. She should mature around 35lbs, and her first litter will likely be August 2022.



AKC Apricot Parti Poodle (Expected 28lbs)

Xyla is such a perfect combination of energetic and snuggly! She is such a sweet and pretty, smart and adorable little girl! She lives nearby with her wonderful guardian family! We expect her first litter to be born mid to late 2022!

Tiana Hope

Mini Tri-Color F1b Bernedoodle (35lbs)

This sweet and beautiful girl is a perfect tri-color parti! Her coat is silky soft, and we love her wavy texture! She is the perfect size, and we are so excited for mini bernedoodles from her! She has such a sweet and loyal personality, forever patient and compliant, and loves to snuggle, and go on walks!



AKC Bernese Mountain Dog (65lbs)

Gwen is a gorgeous BMD with two different colored eyes! She is on the smaller side for a bernese mountain dog, as we are so excited for the qualities she brings to our program! She is deperately lovey, and doesn't have a mean bone in her body! She loves dogs and people alike, and lives for snuggles, bellyrubs, and sociali time!


The Gentlemen

We do not have breeding age studs, so all studs are currently sourced and specially selected from outside our program. But these cute boys are upcoming studs who will join our program officially in 2022!



AKC Red Parti Poodle (36 lbs)

Dougal is such a a sweet, smart goofy boy who thinks he is a lap dog! We love his intense red coat, and his soft curly hair, and we are so excited for him to be the stud of our F1 Goldendoodles!


AKC Red Parti Mini/Moyen Poodle (20lbs)

Zully is an incredible little dog! He is so smart, snuggly, plafyful, friendly, loving and sweet! I cant say enough good things about Zully, and I'm so excited for the qualities (both in size, and coloring, as well as in personality) he will bring to our program!



AKC Chocolate Phantom Merle Poodle (60lbs)

Shultzy is such a gentleman! He has a very calm and respectful demeaner, and just gives off an aura of peace! He will be the stud for our F1 Bernedoodles! His babies are expected to be traditional black tri-color, or tri-color blue merle!


AKC Moyen Chocolate Phantom Poodle (25lbs)

Charlie is sprightly and brave! He is a little guy, but he keeps up with the big dogs, and loves making friends! We are so excited to add him to our program for our second generation bernedoodles - he will be able to produce both Black and Chocolate Tri-color bernedoodles!