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There are so many items you will need to help you prepare to bring home your new puppy! It can be confusing and overwhelming to try to figure out which ones are the most important and the best! We have done some of the work for you by compiling a list of our favorite products!

Puppy Crate


This crate is the perfect size for your new puppy if you plan to upgrade later once your dog is older! This is the perfect size for an introductory crate!

Indoor/Outdoor Playpen


Sometimes you just need somewhere safe to put your pup where they still have space to move around, but can't get into things when you aren't able to watch them! You can set up a cute and cozy space for them to play, with their crate, and even a potty area included if you will be away from home for more than a couple of hours. (Not recommended for long term use - only as a tool during the transition period in the first couple months after bringing your puppy home!)

Andis Double Speed Clippers


If you are interested in grooming your own pup, either for just touching ups between grooms or always, it pays to have the right tools! I highly recommend this trimmer if you are an aspiring DIY groomer!

Puppy Chew Bones


These are some of the bones that I send home in puppy packs and I generally have so many people ask about them! Puppies love them, and I love that their are highly digestible!

Snuffle Mat


A snuffle mat is a great way to keep your pup busy and slow them down during meal time! Keep things interesting and keep them occupied a little linger trying to figure out how to find their lunch!

Conditioning Shampoo


I LOVE using this conditioning Shampoo for all my dogs and puppies! They look and feel amazing, and it smells amazing too!

Crate with a Divider


This crate is designed to grow with you puppy! The divider will give your pup a smaller area that they can grow into so you don't have to buy a different crate later on! Best for a Medium Size adult dog!

Turf Pad


This item is generally not recommended unless you live in an apartment (to be used on a balcony), or will be leaving your puppy for a longer period of time in an enclosed area (like a puppy pen). We generally recommend potty training to the outdoors as soon as your pup comes home, but sometimes this just isn't possible depending on your living space. Using a turf pad is the next best thing because it teaches your pup to use the grass, and gives them a safe place to relieve themselves!

Professional Blow Dryer


If you want to keep your pup's hair long, and plan to bathe your pup at home it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase a high quality blow drier to help blow out any tangles and keep your pup's hair and skin healthy!

Puppy Teething Rings


I generally send one of these home with you in my puppy packs! They are another great teething resource for puppies who need something tasty and digestible to chew!



For adults dogs, if you are interested in a natural and healthy chew, antlers are a great way to go! These are long lasting, and are great entertainment, in addition to helping your dog's dental health!

Bluing Shampoo


If you have a pup with a lot of white, struggle with staining, or want them their coats always bright and beautiful, I also highly recommend this bluing shampoo!

Crate Furniture


Want a classier way to keep give your dog a den? This beautiful "crate" will bring a bougie asthetic to your home!

Chris Christiansen Slicker Brush


Do you want to keep your dog's coat long and fluffy? This brush is the highest recommended way to do it! The long bristles on this brush help you get from root to tip of your dog's hair so that you don't end up having matting close to the skin!

Puppy Food


We feed all our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice (without shredded chicken)! The bags with and without shredded chicken look the same, but we feed the one without shredded chicken!

Bully Sticks


I love bully sticks as a fun chew or treat for both adults and puppies! Its a great way for them to naturally clean their teeth, and great for puppy teething!

Crate Training Aid


This nifty invention attaches to the side of your puppy's wire crate, and provides them with a positive activity during crate training! Smear with (all natural, xylitol-free and sugar-free peanut butter) or make a pup-sicle, attach to the crate, and let your puppy enjoy!



Want to know a secret? This dog cologne will help your pup smell fresh and clean until you're able to give them a bath! And it smells so good you may be tempted to use it yourself!

Tooth Brush


Don't forget about dental health! Get your pup started early brushing his/her teeth to prevent dental problems later on!

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