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Standard F1 Bernedoodles

Meet Gwen (65lb AKC Bernese Mountain Dog) and Shultz (60lb AKC Chocolate Phantom Merle Poodle) and their litter of "Really Cool" puppies!

We are ecstatic about out gorgeous first litter of F1 Bernedoodles! Gwen gave birth to 6 perfect babies - 3 girls and three boys - 1 tri, 4 phantom merles, and 1  abstract phantom!

Gwen is very loving, enthusiastic, human focused and affectionate!

Shultz is very chill, focused, independent, and intuitive!

Price: $3250

Born: May 2, 2022

Ready: NOW

Expected size: 50-85lbs adult size

Availability: We have one puppy left!

Standard F1 Bernedoodles - Gwen and Shultz: Image


Tri-color Female

Snazzy is a perfect traditional tri-color, with white in all the right places, and precious tan-points!

She is a lover, and just wants to be with! 


Tri-color Merle Female

Sweet is a perfectly marked tri-merle! She has a adorable little blaze, white chest, feet and tail!

Sweet can be quiet and observant, and full of love! 



Phantom Abstract Merle Male

Dandy is an adorable phantom merle with just a little white spots on his chest, and a few little white toes!

Dandy is quiet and reserved, but with a sweet loving heart!


Tri-color Merle Female

Peachy is an adorable tri-merle, with just a bit of white from her chin, down to her belly, and sweet white feet, and dipped tail!

Peachy is sweetly enthusiastic, and loves to be snuggles!

She has an umbilical hernia what will simply need to be repaired when she is spayed! So we are offering a $100 discount on her.  Don't let this deter you - the hernia will not ever affect her, and this girl has a heart of gold!



Abstract Phantom Male

Slick is an adorable phantom boy, whose tan points will likely brighten. He has the perfect little built in "necktie" in white on his chest!

Slick is quiet and sweet, he is a big boy with a big heart. He is independant, and lower-energy.


Phantom Abstract Merle Male

Nifty is a gorgeous phantom merle with a few touches of white! He has a few really deep dark black spots that make him really stand out!

Nifty is happy and charming, and loves ot give kisses!

Standard F1 Bernedoodles - Gwen and Shultz: Meet the Team
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