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Guardianship Program

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is an opportunity for you to be able to love and be loved by a health tested, gorgeous, top-quality dog, and be a part of the Centerpiece Family!

Guardianship is where I would place one of my dogs in your home at no cost to you! The dog would legally be mine, but would live with you as your pet! And then once they are retired they would be yours to keep forever!

There are adult dogs currently available (see bottom), as well as puppies that may come available!

If the dog is a female, she would come back to me to whelp and raise her litter (starting at her second or third heat cycle, which would be between 18month and two years, for approximately 7-9 weeks, every 6-12 months), and if it is a male, he would simply have to be available to  preform services as needed.

Guardian's Responsibilities:

- Live within 1 hour of Eaton, CO (potentially negotiable)

- Be willing to work with me on transportation for breeding, and whelping.

- Be willing to cover all normal costs for food, routine vet care, and grooming.

- Own your home with a fenced yard, with plans to remain in the same home (or within the same driving distance) for the duration of the guardian contract.

For a Female:

- Using washable or disposable doggy diapers for a female while in heat inside (suggested).

- Be willing to refrain from visiting the guardian dog while she is at our home raising her litter. This is in the best interest of the mom and the puppies.

For a Male:

- When a male has a breeding to preform, he will potentially be needed every other day for up to 3 breedings. This may be done at the breeder's home, or at a vet clinic.

- He will essentially be "on call", but you will be given as much notice as possible (usually a week's notice).

Breeder's Commitment:

- To compensate the guardian up to $500 per litter for a female, and $200 for a male per female he is bred to (for up to 3 breedings per female).

- To cover all reproductive related expenses.

- To only breed a female up to 4 times.

- To transfer ownership to you at the end of the guardianship contract!

Hover or click images to see weight, breed, and gender! All the dogs pictured are available for guardianship!

Starling 40lb F1b Tri-Merle Bernedoodle Female
Darcy 40lb F1bb Brindle Goldendoodle
Finn - 45lbs Brown Tricolor Bernedoodle Female
Guardian Program: Our Farm
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