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Are My Prices Negotiable as an Ethical Breeder

Updated: Apr 26

Asking a breeder if their price is negotiable is like your customer/client asking if your salary/wage is negotiable just because it's more convenient for them.
Should I ask my doodle breeder for a discount?

I’ve been asked a lot lately, if my prices are negotiable. And let's be honest, this practice, understandable, is both awkward and inconsiderate. My prices aren’t for your convenience; my prices are reasonable, because my job is to make bringing home a new puppy as easy, convenient, and smooth as possible.

The puppy you are thinking about bringing home is the result of at least two years planning, strategizing, raising the parent dogs, health testing the parent dogs, providing vet care, training, etc. I was sitting right their, helping to guide that little one into the world, ready to step in if the mama or puppy needs any assistance (and sometimes they do!).

I weighed that puppy twice a day for the first week, and once a day for the second week, or make sure it was growing properly, so that if it wasn’t, I could intervene. From days 3-19 I did EN exercises with that puppy, to help it be more resilient, and strong. Starting at day 20 I started the 10 step handling exercises to make sure that puppy was comfortable being touched everywhere - for your sake, and so your pup is more comfortable at the vet and groomer. 

Between 2 and 3 weeks old, I start the puppies on potty training - teaching them that there is a place TO go and a place NOT to go. Between three and 4 weeks we start the puppies on solid food, that progresses over time from a liquidy mush, to soaked kibbe, to dried kibble. Starting at 4-5 weeks the puppies have their first bath/blow dry, and that is continued weekly for as long as they are with me. Baths and the blow drier can be scary for dogs, but that doodle is going to be bathed and blow dried at least every other month for the rest of its life, and so I start that desensitization process for you.

Starting at 6 weeks, that puppy will start using the doggy door to let itself out to go potty - further reinforcing the potty training skills. At 7 weeks we do vet checks on all the puppies, and their first shots (we have been doing routine deworming ourselves since the puppies were 2 weeks old). We also preform individual temperament assessments on each of the puppies so that you can have a well-rounded understanding of their personality before you even meet them.

And then, after 8 weeks (which is so long, but goes by so fast) that puppy is ready to meet you!

I have put thousands of dollars into equipment, tens of thousands of dollars into purchasing dogs, thousands in vet care, and supplies. I’ve spent hundreds of hours cleaning, sanitizing, to make sure that my puppies and dogs have a clean environment to live in. I have spent hundreds of hours learning, researching, perfecting, and building this business, and my knowledge to produce the best dogs possible, and provide the best experience possible to all of my clients, by providing information through weekly emails, a puppy-go-home kit which provides so many of the items you will need to start your journey with your pup the right way. I provide one month of free insurance, a 2-year health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support. 

And not only all of that, but I document the journey for you, with weekly photos of the puppies, as well as almost daily videos on social media so that you can literally watch your puppy grow up and truly be a part of the process.

And, after 8 weeks, if that puppy still hasn’t found it’s forever home, I don’t dump them at a shelter, or try to get rid of them cheaply. I take responsibility for my pups for their lifetime, remember? I will continue training and desensitizing them, teaching them new skills, increasing their socialization, until they find their forever homes. 

This job is a 24/7 on-call job. I don’t get sick days, or mental health days (other than the free puppy therapy). I am constantly problem solving, learning, growing, improving, etc. Please don't ask me for a discount. I know my puppies’ worth.

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