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Should I adopt an older puppy / the last puppy in a litter?

Just because an older puppy is still available doesn't mean there is something wrong with it.
Should I adopt an older puppy?

People often ask me, “Why is that puppy still available? Is there something wrong with it?” And to that I give a whole-hearted, “No!”

There’s nothing wrong with a puppy just because it’s still available at a certain age. Some of the best and sweetest puppies are the last ones picked. Usually they were several people’s ”second pick,” and somebody had to be left behind. Somebody has to be last. Each puppy has their perfect fit. The last puppy might not be your perfect fit - but they also might be just the one for you!

As breeders we try to build waitlists, and get homes lined up for our pups before the litters are even bred for, but we can’t predict litter size, or if people will decide to pass on the litter last minute, etc.

Sometimes people want all the parti puppies, sometimes, they want all the solid ones. Sometimes they want traditional, sometimes they want unique. Some like curly coats, some like wavy and others like straight. People want all different sizes (for some 20lb is too small, and for others, it’s too big)! There are so many reasons that can go into puppies sticking around longer than usual.

But there are also so many benefits of adopting an older puppy! They have better capacity to sleep through the night, they have received more training and socialization with both humans and dogs, you’ll have a better idea of coat type, and what they will look like as adults, they will have gotten more of their vaccines, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with an older puppy, they’re just that: older. 

There’s nothing wrong with the last puppy picked, it’s just that someone had to be the last one. 

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